Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sardine Tins #5 and #6....and a Honeybee

This is the what happened to my poundings after meeting up with Kirsten Skiles...
Sardine Tin #5
the first sawed-out Bee....

Sardine Tin #6

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chasing Tools

THE best tools you can buy, are those made by artists who know how to use them.
Latest tools are from Kirsten Skiles, artist/blacksmith:

chasing tools1

chasing tools3 chasing tools2

they were left over from a tool making workshop, which I will take when she does one again.
Kirsten's arting is simply wonderful...
I'll post links to a few pieces...railings, wall pieces....she's good...really good.

Friends told me about her months ago,
but, I ran into her/her arting on my own
with my pounding curiosities.
I met her the first time when I bought the tools....
and I met her husband,
Bill Fiorini,
making a powerful duo....
(Bill also raises amazing
I'm really happy to have made their their energy.

These are the tools I got from
Rene & silversmith...

go see what he can do with these....
his site loads slow on my 26.6-28Kbps connection...but it's worth the wait.
('s the latest work in progress with all these tools.)