Monday, January 05, 2009

SardineTins for Woman Made Gallery

Pounded (chasing/repousse) sardine tins...
re-assembled with necessary materials: which might be copper, steel, aluminum, leather, a paperclip or two...sometimes glass eyes...and a little paint....
They will be in the
Woman Made Gallery's "and You Think That's Funny?" show...
January 23rd-February 26th
SardineTin#10...7"wide, 4"high, 1.5"deep ($1200)
SardineTin#11...5"wide, 5"high, 1.15"deep ($900)

SardineTin#12...3.25"wide, 7"high, 1.15"deep ($1000)

Artist Statement: "My arting has to do with whatever is in front of me,
although, I do seem to have an on/off relationship with fish...RedHerrings in particular...
which I've never been able to see as stinky fish to avoid, but beginnings of fit and beautiful and humourous visions.
Sardines, a relative of the herring, travel in wonderful containers."
Written for the show, but was lost.


C. L. DeMedeiros said...

is F***ing
Fabulous Fishes!!!


lk said...


Sharri said...

Wonderfully mind boggling! You have done it again - congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Very Sardinish. Yea, Great!


C. L. DeMedeiros said...

We all need to
move to a
village of
damn artists

I see houses between trees
a creek near by
lot of mountains near by
little share common shack places
to brain storm.

every little piece of that will be
sacred ground for everyone who com upon us, specially elves, gnomes, lady roaches and sardines in bow ties!

Kristi Smart Romantic Fantasy Coats said...

Man-O-Mighty! Those are so great!
Really really Great!!!!!!!