Monday, April 27, 2009

Quadrupedal 2009, Bike through S.W.Wisconsin

Here's information about the 2009 ICHS QuadruPedal Spring Century...
an excellent charity bike ride through the hills of SW Wisconsin...
35-100 miles...routes climbing from between 1500-9000 feet.
All proceeds from this ride benefit the animals at the
Iowa County Humane Society.

................and the Quadrupedal t-shirt has CATS!
cats on bikes drawing for t-shirt

I wired up a couple on left: 4.5......
(cat on left: 4.5"high by 3.75" wide, copper and other wire, aluminum flashing, etching ink and archival varnish........ SOLD
cat on right: 5.25"wide by 4" high, glass eyes, copper and other wire, aluminum flashing, etching ink, archival varnish...SOLD.
The handmade velvet wall support is about 2.5" thick, and each with hook...SOLD)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

watercolor, chasing/repousse in progress

Haven't posted in a long time...
this is some of what I've been up to.

(22"x30" watercolor...WakeMaker)
There'll be better photos when they are completed.
(various incompleted small poundings)

I never looked at a watercolor with the poundings like this....they feel good together...guess it does make sense...same mind....same these must be some of the remnants of the world I'm always an historian collecting things from the places he goes to document.