Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall Art Tour, Spring Green, Wisconsin

This year I seemed to have turned into the General Contractor for my new studio.
It will be down the road a bit, and on the other side of the hill...
that's where you'll all be going for the 2012 Fall Art Tour.
This year's Tour will also probably be the last year in this studio, which is really sad.
It has been my home and safe place for so many years...
but, I have outgrown it.
The etching press might stay for a while,
and maybe I'll use the space for something special.

As more and more of my time seems to be eatten by this new studio,
I have simplified my arting goals to simply trying to complete the second print
off the "I live here" white-line wood block.
(The first print sold in my show at the Anaba Tea Room show last November.)
If all goes right, I'll be able to get it photographed and have prints on hand,
as well as prints of the one in the photo above.
I'm also aiming for half-sized prints of the "40 days and 40 nights" woodprints.
"I live here", artist print #2, in progess.
If all goes right.....

If not, prints WILL be available a little later.
Those who ask will be notified first,
and finally I will have something official to sell through my Etsy site.
This Fall Art Tour, I will be demonstrating how I do this White-Line woodblock printing.
I'll be pulling out a lot of arting that I've had packed away on purpose...
the original "40 days and 40 nights" woodprints will be on display,
and whatever else I can manage to pull out will be out.