Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dog Story.... "Strong, Brave and Handsome"

This is page 1....the introduction.
Due to so many requests for a smaller, complete set of these,
I now have available the entire set of prints telling the tale
of  Booger's 40 Day & 40 Night disappearance...
complete WITH the words.
They are a bit smaller than the originals,
printed on acid free paper at a very frameable 8.75" wide by 17.75" high (9x18).
Simple frames are easiliy found at DickBlick or Googling.
Yes, I still have the full size original prints that I printed myself.
Now it's possible to frame the whole set for your kids, or for your classes.
A few teachers have actually laminated them so their students can pass them around to tell their own stories.

You can purchase them through LittleCreekPress
or from me.