Friday, April 12, 2013

Fish Spoon #2 at Artisan Gallery...Paoli Gallery, Paoli, Wisconsin

THIS is Fish Spoon & Holder #2.
I've given it to the Habitat ReStore Salvage Art Show.
It can be seen at the Artisan Gallery, located at 6858 Paoli Road in Paoli.
The Artists' reception for Artisan Gallery will be held April 19th from 5 to 9 PM;
I expect to be there.
This is NOT an auction.
You should visit the can hold the Fish Spoon in your hot little hands!
It's cold forged, chased/repoussed white bronze,
in a very fine holder made of aluminum flashing and wire.
There are felt wall bumpers on the back.
Both the spoon and holder are signed, dated and numbered. is for sale.
 the spoon is 5.25" long, the spoon bowl is 1 5/8th" wide at the widest part, about 2" long, and holds nearly a perfect tablespoon of water. The holder will take up 2.75" high and about 5.75" wide of wall space...and the spoon "shelf" is about 2". I forgot to measure it so I'm taking the measurements off the other one.