Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whiteline prints after teaching a class of whiteline printmaking

There was something about teaching that whiteline class
that got me working a little differently on my own blocks...
it's good.
 I like to leave the completed print on the block until the next morning,
when I wake up, with a coffee...and take a new look at it.
It's always a nice surprize to see it there....needing nothing more from me.
And then when it's flattened....
OH,'s  like some magical transition into something else...
it really stands on it's own...
and this one's really nice.
12.5" x 14" wide...Mill Creek at Coon Rock Road.....where the LongHorns Weren't

8.5" wide x 6' tall ................................A LongHorn

7" wide x 9.5 " tall...........KnotRat

the Peninsula School WhiteLine Woodblock Printmaking Workshop

I got so involved in this Peninsula School of Art workshop...
we really got moving, covering a lot of ground...
I  never thought about documenting the step by step
so I could later say, "here, look...this is what we did."
Well, I got some to show a little bit...
mostly, I was amazed at what we accomplished...
and what all I learned from them...
which was the real surprize.
Here they are" Joan, Anne, Sue, Anne,Donna & Donna.
Peninsula classrooms are simply great.

Joan had done more linoleum cutting than wood, so the pine I brought was like cutting through butter.

I wish I had the presence of mind to photograph of ALL the final prints everyone did.
Once they were all flattened, they took on a real presence....
yeh, wish I could have slowed me down...
get me arting, and I fire up, tending to forget some of the non-arting things that I should be doing.

Donna did a great duck besides this landscape:
Sue and Anne cut the same scene into earlier blocks...which of course I didn't take snaps of....

Donna was fearless.

I wish I got a picture of Anne's last block,
on the large pine I brought....
complex....we ran out of time,
so she would be completing it on her own.
It's going to be a wonderful piece.
Anne has official Japanese woodblock printmaking under her belt, so it was interesting to see how she took to this process.
(I was envious of her working orderlines)

OH...and on the last day, Joan saw to it that we got to have a Cherry Pie.....geez.......  
This was great.  
I want to do it again.  

Thanks, Anne, Anne, Donna, Donna, Joan, and were a great class.
You really got a lot done...I think you learned a lot.
You caught on well,  you kept your knives sharp....your prints were wonderful.
 I hope you print those blocks again...and keep going.  
Cut and print felt that thrill that grows as the print develops...............
it gets better.  
Keep me posted!