Thursday, April 10, 2014

Collagraphy at the Peninsula School of Art...and MOWA

I've started a blog, LindaKelen-metalprints
where you can see what some of my collagraphs look like.

I'll be instructing how I do this at the Peninsula School of Art in July.
I follow the safety-first collagraphy system of 
Carol Robertson and Robert Adam's book 
(My largest WhiteLine woodprint is in the MOWA show.)

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Linda Kelen Draws BurgerGuy for Weber's Big Book of Burgers by Jamie Purviance

  It's out!!  It's available!! 

Jamie Purviance's recipes and my BurgerGuy!!

I've got to give big credit to Peter of Blogger Tips and Tricks
where I found the instructions for posting a gif animation.  (Hmm...he's not doing his somersaults for me....not sure why. Click on him, see if he'll do it for you)
burger,meat,somersault,hamburger,Linda Kelen
I'll be replacing this BurgerGuy 
with another 
having an up-to-date email address.