Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fall Art Tour 2014

This year's Fall Art Tour will find my etching press squared up and working!
It happened in early summer.
I bought it new blankets, new ink and tarlatons.
Since my collagraphy class proposal was accepted at the Peninsula School of Art,
I had to remind myself how to print!
I got out the Art of Etching by E.S. Lumsden, the book I learned from at the Chicago Art Institute,
and read and practiced the printing chapters.
I got some hints and advice from a printer at Takach Paper, and another from McClains.
I went through lots of papers, and finally settled on a couple which worked wonderfully for my plates.
I printed...printed...printed...printed...printed...printed...printed...
and finally, I saw my abilities not only returned, but better than before.
NOW I could teach that collagraphy class, no problem.
I was armed, and ready for any kind of problems students magically present. 
After completing jobs promised to others,
and surviving the Peninsula School of Art's Guenzel Gallery Print Fair,
I've got a little time before welcoming the curious into my studio, #26,
October 17th through the 19th.