Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jewelers Guild is up and running.

It was a great opening. 
Amazing numbers of people.
I wish I had a counter on my mouth to know how many words I spoke.
I'll keep posting here for a while as I catch up to photos and short videos.
 2408 E. St. Francis Ave St. Francis, WI 53235 
Short videos were made throughout the event giving you a sense of the place.
I'll post them when I find them.
Yes, it was a good event.
I'll post more as it comes to me.
The Jewelers Guild will have a good set up in the class room,
 where I and others will be able to teach
whatever it is that each of us do. 
I will teach my way of chasing and repousse. 
Others will teach their ways. 
There will be enameling, and torch firing,
and stone setting, 
and pretty much anything you can think of.