Thursday, September 27, 2018

Warped woodblock

I should have photographed the block in it's most warped state. 
It would rock on a table as a shallow bowl.
It never was the best piece of wood,
I was only testing out sharpness of my knives,
and I just got carried away.

A couple weeks ago I started my attempt to flatten the block.
It's cherry, about an inch thick. 
Yes, I'll take a photo of the block so you can see.
I should do that.

I put it in a plastic bag, put a towel over it, 
sprayed it with water and sealed the bag, 
and put two thick copper sheets,
 one really heavy big solid rubber block,
and about a 40+ pound anvil on top.
And, crossed my fingers.

Yesterday I upwrapped it.
It was flat enough to print.
Not fun, but I got 8 beautiful prints!
I got some good first prints on Kitakata paper.
This year I discovered what Torinoko did with my blocks.
Luscious, is the only word I can use to describe what the prints are now.

You can see this and more
 at this years Fall Art Tour...I'm #stop25.