Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Informative Postcards

Traders Camp Ground in Arena
about 4-18-2020
Boat landing on Highway 14, 
by bridge crossing Wisconsin River, 
Spring Green
Boat landing on Highway 14
by the bridge crossing Wisconsin River,
Spring Green

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Pounding Metal eliminates stress

What's in my head, comes out my hands....
I believe that.

This became a Talisman for a friend 
who works right behind front lines in a Madison hospital.
It hangs perfectly.
When the wearer begins to move about, it begins to look left and right,
sort of watching out, 
as a good Talisman should, protecting it's charge.
(It's now referred to as a Talisman Action Figure)

I thought perhaps I had more worried heads in me.  No.
Red Herrings! 
Red Herrings are good.
They are not stinky fish to avoid,
but kindly ushers showing the Curious paths never considered.