Saturday, April 14, 2007

QuadruPedal...the event

If you are planning on riding the 35, 55, 86, or God forbid, the 100 mile QuadruPedal Century on May 6th, AND
you want to receive this year's special T-shirt designed by artist Linda Kelen (me) ,

we need to have your electronic or paper registration in our hands by next Wednesday (that's when we place our T-shirt order).
I think it's now too late...but you can give it a try....

To register online:

To register the old fashioned way (print and send) :

Remember that all proceeds go to support the Iowa County Humane Society
Please consider joining us in the cause.

Would you like to help us promote this event? Please consider printing our poster and pinning it up at your work or gym:

Ride on,


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Quadrupedal woodcut--1st, 2nd rubbings

(Found a piece of basswood in the basement...
softer than I would have liked it to be...
no time to be fussy.
You can follow along with these rubbings...)

(April 6th rubbing)