Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chasing Tools

THE best tools you can buy, are those made by artists who know how to use them.
Latest tools are from Kirsten Skiles, artist/blacksmith:

chasing tools1

chasing tools3 chasing tools2

they were left over from a tool making workshop, which I will take when she does one again.
Kirsten's arting is simply wonderful...
I'll post links to a few pieces...railings, wall pieces....she's good...really good.

Friends told me about her months ago,
but, I ran into her/her arting on my own
with my pounding curiosities.
I met her the first time when I bought the tools....
and I met her husband,
Bill Fiorini,
making a powerful duo....
(Bill also raises amazing
I'm really happy to have made their aquaintance...love their energy.

These are the tools I got from
Rene Bluhm...gold & silversmith...

go see what he can do with these....
his site loads slow on my 26.6-28Kbps connection...but it's worth the wait.
(12-27-07...here's the latest work in progress with all these tools.)

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knitsteel said...

Thank you! I'm going to link up to this and your art in my next blog, probably near the end of the week.
Bill used to make tools that had tips similar to the Rene Bluhm tools. Bill's were forged, so were taped on the other end too. They reflect a more European style of chasing, and are obviously very effective for that style of work. I expect that Valentin Yotkov's tools would look similar.