Sunday, February 17, 2008

Art Show~~February13-March29

GreenLanternStudio show announcement

GreenLanternStudio show paricipants

This was an interesting show for me to participate in.
Focusing on "THINGS" I love... my mind bounced about
landing on thoughts and ideas
which caused some interesting writings to slip out my pencil
producing my "commentary".

It's a strong show.
From February 13 through March 29, near the top of the hill,
Carol Spelic' and Richard Moninski's Green Lantern Studios
will have something that may just stick in your head for some time.

Framed Shelves of small things

I let all my words out the one time, on the paper that is hanging with my THINGS....

I'll post it all, complete with the words, when the show comes down...
trying to remember what I wrote for each
would be like trying to remember word for word a conversation....
so you will have to wait...
or go see it for yourselves.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Captive Heart

Completed...framed...and delivered to the Verona Rapsody Center Art Gallery
for Valentine Show.

(don't have the details handy, so check back...I'll get that stuff posted)