Saturday, December 27, 2008

Altered "Camper Birdhouse"

A friend found this at a local variety store called Nina's in Spring Green, Wisconsin...

picture on the box it came in(made in China)

bought it...
handed it to me, saying something like...
"Here, maybe you can do something with this for Tony's Christmas present...don't you think?"

That was three weeks ago.

8.25" long, 5.5" high, 4.5"wide, some kind of poured resin...
now with wood, 2-part epoxy, paint and acrylic (glass) windows

Monday, December 15, 2008

$9.00 Trailer

"Here...maybe you can doctor this up for Tony..."
or words like that got this up and running.
(Tony never looks at this blog...
so if you see this, and know him...please don't mention you saw what I'm up to.)

It's a $9.00 birdhouse....
and he's been collecting trailers...
Tomorrow I'll varnish the "paintings"...and finish the day the "glass" goes in.....
I'll post it when it's completely done.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Metro Elves

(I've gotten a lot of encouragement to repost here are they are....Happy Holidays!
oh, these are photographs that I actually painted on...wish you could see the originals, which look way cooler in person than anything photoshop or digital manipulation could do.
These are my "photographs" proving that Eleves moved into the local gallery/art supply shop, Metropolitan Art, which, sadly, no longer is.

Jeb tell this elf that he can't take her frame.
"that's what you Elves do...make things!
"Now put that back", she tell him
as she begins to get the idea that Elves might be difficult and hard to control. 
(Perhaps that is why there is only one Christmas a  year).  Elf tries to save time
(Special photographs of actual Elves in Santa's Dodgeville workshop, made by Linda Kelen.)

I painted a sign for the gallery-art supply store,
which said:
"Elves Shop Here."
Because some "town people" were not believers,
I made these pictures.
No one said another word.

"Jeb is pleased to see Elves use white gloves,
leaving no finger prints on paper. "

Elves wear gloves
Elves lost their shopping list.
Some Elves are forgetful

"Elves love cookies."
Elves love cookies
"Mega, (studio dog)........................................Metro Elf rides Studio Dog 
is a handy mode of transportation."
"Some Elves are too short."

"After a successful shopping spree...
Elves carry the last of their supplies out to the sleigh....(parked around the corner)."

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Uneventful Tuesday before Thanksgiving

(Uneventful Tuesday before Thanksgiving)
5"x7" artist proof, original print, drypoint with mezzotint on plate of aluminum flashing...
printed on Mulberry paper....2008