Monday, January 05, 2009

SardineTins for Woman Made Gallery

Pounded (chasing/repousse) sardine tins...
re-assembled with necessary materials: which might be copper, steel, aluminum, leather, a paperclip or two...sometimes glass eyes...and a little paint....
They will be in the
Woman Made Gallery's "and You Think That's Funny?" show...
January 23rd-February 26th
SardineTin#10...7"wide, 4"high, 1.5"deep ($1200)
SardineTin#11...5"wide, 5"high, 1.15"deep ($900)

SardineTin#12...3.25"wide, 7"high, 1.15"deep ($1000)

Artist Statement: "My arting has to do with whatever is in front of me,
although, I do seem to have an on/off relationship with fish...RedHerrings in particular...
which I've never been able to see as stinky fish to avoid, but beginnings of fit and beautiful and humourous visions.
Sardines, a relative of the herring, travel in wonderful containers."
Written for the show, but was lost.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sardine Tins in Progress!

A perfect day:
13 hours in the studio on the last day of the year
preparing SardineTins for a show in Chicago....
almost done....I'll post official photos in a few days...