Saturday, March 14, 2009 the Mercury! Madison, Wisconsin

Here are the Fibulas I brought to the Mercury show...
in the order I made them:
wirings of copper and sardine tins copper wire, sardine tins
Copper wire, aluminum flashingcopper wire, eyes, coke can copper wire, eyes
unknown wire, copper, eyes
steel wire, copper, eyes
steel wire, copper wire, glass eye, some kind of jaw with teeth
copper, chased/repoussed aluminum flashing, printing ink, glass eyes


C. L. DeMedeiros said...

Dear friend,
Our world is very small and you make me happy with your posts
maybe we never gonna be able to see each other
but is enough for now the touch of our sensibility through our art.

I'm tempted to create little stories, plausible to be true in my mind.
and with a world so populated with such a variate of humans... Why not?

Big Hugs


Anonymous said...

Hey :)
I followed a link here from Metal A. and I was fascinated by that jawbone. I did a little digging(i used to do some archaeology) on the web. My first guess is that if its small enough it might be a mole or shrew type of animal. It seems the mandible is seperated. Also the dentition favors an insectivore. Nice stuff. thanks.

aine scannell said...

Hi Linda

Just thought I would come by here and see what you have been up to of late. Fibula - isn't that some bone int he arm or maybe I am thinking of another word. You seem to have been busy!!

Keep on at it

Happy New Year

So many things on here that I like.