Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White-Line woodblock prints II

Needing a block of wood to begin cutting the next in the 40 Day and 40 Night series,
I took a break and printed these:



Ellen Shipley said...

Love these white line prints. What is your technique?

lk said...

Oh, thank-you, Ellen...
still experimenting,
I did these the same way I did "MeMe" and "Bird Dog"...(next post down),
trying to make the system work that's been discussed on the BarenForum http://www.barenforum.org/
where the color gets reactivated with a spray of water.
I'm simply fascinated by what I'm getting....want more, and will be going bigger soon.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

These look great! and quite consistent from what I can see. How big will big be?

Ellen Shipley said...

You get such a lovely watercolor effect. 8-]

lk said...

"Big" will just begin with the next block being larger than these...and when that feels too confined, I'll work larger again, until it's comfortable.
Right now, these are beginning to feel like tight underwear.