Friday, July 23, 2010

woodblock printing update

I've been cutting the last major block for the "Strong, Brave, & Handsome" set...
and printing 6-7 prints from each of the blocks,
I'm readying for a solo show in Shorewood, Wisconsin.
I used to hate printing,
never able to get all that I believed I had cut into a block,
and eventually wrote myself off as just a crappy printer.
Barbara Mason, a solarplate wizard I met at a Japanese printing bootcamp some years back,
and a couple others on the Baren Forum,
suggested I try the Japanese Kitakata.
Alex Prentis, of iMcClains Printmaking Supplies, supported the Kitakata choice,
and suggested I try the Gamblin Relief ink.
The combination of the two for my blocks changed everything.
I'm seeing a delicacy showing up that I knew was there, but couldn't get.
These now are unmistakeably WOOD prints....and they are wonderful.


Mark said...

Prints hanging out to dry always energizes the studio.

aine scannell said...

Hi Linda long long time since I have been in touch.

So pleased to hear you have been having a good experience with woodcut !!!

Well done.