Tuesday, March 02, 2010

First white-line woodblock prints

Complications prevented me from taking the printing workshop with Paul Yank in Cedarburg,
so now's time to give white-line woodblock printing another go.

whiteline print, Pond, print 1 whiteline print, Pond, print 2
6"x11", cut into Shina Plywood, printed on Kizuki Hanga (left), Nishinouchi (right), with watercolors.

4.5"x7" the Patron Saint of Shrews
LEFT: Print #1, on Kizuki Hanga (sold) RIGHT: Print #2, on Gampi (showing at WomanMadeGallery, July 9-August 26, 2010)
This is the one I just completed. I have to photograph the print, scanning just isn't working.
At least you can see where it's going.
Electric Company, print #1....Printed on Kizuki Hanga paper.

SOUP is about the same size as the Patron SaintThis is print #1.

This is MeMe...2.25"x7" image on Gampi small experiment...needed to try something.7.5"x8.5" ..... Bird Dog...print#1