Saturday, May 18, 2013

Readying for new whiteline woodblock prints! will be following...
I'm cutting wood for a wedding invitation and some extras to be printed with letter press...
and in the sharpening of the knives, the setting up of my cutting table,
I'm leaning strongly towards some new whiteline prints..
the process I will be documenting.
I've also sold prints of the Small Dog of Power

two, actually...that I STILL have to print,
so you will be seeing how that goes.
The wood block for that print has been spoken for.
I'm hoping to get two, maybe three prints yet off that block before I seal it.
I'll show you pictures and tell you all about what I"m up to as I go...
more later..................Linda

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Concrete floor staining update

The Bathroom floor is done...
except for a little touch up I'm going to do on the vertical surfaces left behind by the cuts...
I never thought about them until I learned something.
Yep, a little touch up is in order...
THEN it gets sealed, waxed, and photographed with a REAL camera...not this cell phone.
Sooner than later I'll post ALL the floors I've stained so far!
...and yes, I will be available for concrete floor projects...

Thursday, May 09, 2013


It's been a long time since I've had the mind space to think about putting some colors in my sketchbook
which has been used more as a receptical for words carrying all the unnecessary non-art related stuff tripping up my's all got to's in my way.
 This is not the best I've seen slipping out of my hands...not even reasonable,
but, the fact that it's shown up is a good sign.
Yes, the Rooster is still with me.
Dog who recently discovered Chicken Terrorizing is great sport.
Feathers are the Chickens Defense system against the attacker mouth after mouth of feathers, which when spit out for better biting, allow the bird to escape and run like hell. The wind, coming out of the south, which you see here, has blown the feathers into the woods behind me. No longer does it look like a pillow fight might have occured. The Rooster is fine.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

the Silver Fish

The Silver Fish, and a few others of my fish related artings
are at the CrossRoads CoffeeHouse for the May 4th Trout Days Celebration in Cross Plains, Wisconsin...
with a grand Beer Parade celebrating Essers 150th anniversary.
From their lower lip to the tips of their tails, they are 7/8" long.
Chased and repoussed, stamped as sterling silver, and signed by me.
There are only 5 left of the edition of 7 sets I made.
I will make more if needed.