Thursday, September 05, 2013

Vote for Project 5 for Crafthaus Grant!

I and 7 others have applied for this grant.
The voting is public,
but would only want you to vote for what you think is most worthy.
So, take a look.
There is a wide range.
I'm one of the more selfish applicants,
but, definitely think my RocketRings very worthy,
although my writing is probably the most ungrant-like of the bunch.

The 2013 crafthaus Project Grant is now open for your vote!

7 diverse projects are in the running. Support your favorite project by voting for it. Everybody has 1 (one) vote.

If your project wins it will get fully funded and the crafthaus member will reciprocate by blogging about the experience on crafthaus for you to follow along.

Voting is PUBLIC - no membership required - and possible from September 3-18, 2013 (6PM EST)

OK, in answer to a few questions,since a few people couldn't find mine,