Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letterpress and Wedding Invitations

I was fortunate being asked to cut woodblocks for a wedding invitation
which would be printed by LetterPress, something new for me.
Chefs, with an organic farm, and an excellent catering business
told me a little about themselves and what they wanted, 
complete with notes.
A couple weeks later, I showed them my drawings of what they had in mind,
and then I showed them what I couldn't get out of mine.
The Dish runs away with the Spoon!
So,the largest block is cut into Cherry Wood,
which I will give to them as soon as I make a small copper plaque.

All letterpress printing was done at Archive Press in Spring Green, Wisconsin.
I did the postage stamp also, which I'll post as soon as I find them.
The happy couple on the water glasses was just a wonderful touch.
E. & J...you are responsible for my new interest in letterpress block cutting.  
Thank-you. This was fun.

Art at CrossRoads

CrossRoads Coffeehouse has another fine show which includes one of the proofed prints off a block that is becoming a letterpressed card:
This show is actually the reason I got involved in making the frames.