Sunday, August 17, 2014

printing, posting updates

My printing is improving.  
Not yet ready to set up for acid etching,
I'm still doing collagraphy but have begun to tackle drypoints.
My drypoint guidance is coming from E.S. Lumsden's The Art of Etching,
paper suggestions from knowledgeable someones 
and some very fine advice from the LinkedIn Engraving/drypoint group.
The rest of is just trial and error.

I have begun to pump life back into METAL PRINTS.
There is a new blog for the BurgerGuy
which will probably grow slowly due to other time eating activities 
I've gotten myself into.
And there is WoodPrints!
I also freelance...hired art,
this blog also is being brought more up to date. I'm going to print some more.