Friday, October 02, 2015

8" X 8" painting

I'm way overloaded.  I wasn't thinking, and agreed to do an 8" canvas 
So I did one painting.
Not what anyone probably wanted,
but if I'm doing it for free, to give away,
for someone to be assigned it
as their prize for buying a $50.00 ticket
whether they want it or not,
I'm doing what I feel like at that particular time.
I couldn't see giving it away.
Not this one.
Not to be a prize for someone who may not want it,
condemning it to a garage nail on a dark wall
where mice might nest on the stretcher
between canvas and wall, 
until years later the pissed stained canvas aroma
results in it being tossed into the bottom of a cardboard box
that will carry a leaky garbage bag to the dump
protecting the car trunk from being
saturated with the seepy composting juices
and to be tossed out with the trashes??? 

I'm keeping this one.
So, I painted another one.
Can't give this one away either.
So, after learning that the Lind Pavillion is because of John Lind, 
now feeling a NEED to offer up something if only for him and Carla,
on September 30th, on a third 8" canvas,
I challenged myself to paint one in the time left between 2PM and sundown.
I did it.
I will give this one away.
It exists solely to be given away
to be the prize for someone who bought a $50.00 ticket.
I attached a note telling the tale of why it exists
and stated that if the new owners find they do not enjoy my painting,
they should contact me.
I will be happy to take it back! 
(OK, yes, I still have a hard time letting go of my works.)