Thursday, February 15, 2018

chasing, repousse Honey Bees and one Fish

Bee Bracelet #1
was completed the day I had to send it out to the buyer
so there really isn't a good photo of it.
Bee Bracelet #2
is done.

Both are of Aluminum, 
sealed with a unique laquer brought to my attention by Golden Paints
The earlier fish bracelet, also aluminum,
 has been worn nearly daily 
by a coffee shop owner for the past nearly 5 years.  

There is no trace, or sign of sealer failure, 
or any kind of discoloring, or marking on skin. 
It's pretty remarkable stuff.
More metal found HERE.

KELEN woodprint, "Early Man" wins Purchase Award

On December 9th,
I was able to post:
So, I'm happy to announce,
my print, 
“Early Man,” 
has been accepted for inclusion in the Minot University 
Northwest Arts Center’s Americas 2018: Paperworks exhibition. 
 The juror was Linda Whitney.
And then, on February 14th, 2018
I posted:
"I'm REALLY HAPPY to announce 
that this print has won their purchase award!! 
I just found out!!!"