Saturday, June 19, 2010

Framed White-Line Print

I'm back to making my own frames.
This is of Red Oak, which grows here in Southwest Wisconsin
measuring 11.75" wide, 15.75" high, and is .75" thick.
That's the second print off the Patron Saint of Shrews woodblock,
printed on handmade Japanese Gampi paper.


d. moll, said...

OK, I love the frame, how do you do it? And the print is lovely too!

Annie B said...

Yes please, how did you make that frame?? I'm trying to cheaply frame a gajillion prints right now & have just bought a bunch of flea market frames to maybe cut down and reconfigure. Do you have glass or plexi in this or no glazing at all? Can't tell from the photo.

It's really nice.

lk said...

A friend well versed in woodworking
made the basic frame for me. This one is of red oak, which grows around here. I thought it felt too heavy, and cut the gross pieces off with a band saw, doctoring up the rest with my knives until it looked right.
I really only do this when I need to, although more and more lately. I have a hard time with "frame selection", wind up finding out I've waited too long and figuring it's going to be faster if I make it myself.
That is plexi....don't like to use glass for paper work. I really only know basic information, making up the rest as I go, but would be happy to tell you what I have if you want to email me.
Make sure you have enough space on the back sides for all you want to pack into them.

Annie B said...

Thanks Linda! You've given me "permission" to make it up as I go, which is all I need to get started :)

aine scannell said...

Linda I'm finding these woodcuts your doing fab!! Are you hand coloring them - because other wise I can't imagine how you are getting the different colors throughout the picture area?

Maybe stencils /masks

anyway hope your scoliosis isn't playing you up either I guess its not or you'd not be so active.

Very happy for you