Friday, July 23, 2010

woodblock printing update

I've been cutting the last major block for the "Strong, Brave, & Handsome" set...
and printing 6-7 prints from each of the blocks,
I'm readying for a solo show in Shorewood, Wisconsin.
I used to hate printing,
never able to get all that I believed I had cut into a block,
and eventually wrote myself off as just a crappy printer.
Barbara Mason, a solarplate wizard I met at a Japanese printing bootcamp some years back,
and a couple others on the Baren Forum,
suggested I try the Japanese Kitakata.
Alex Prentis, of iMcClains Printmaking Supplies, supported the Kitakata choice,
and suggested I try the Gamblin Relief ink.
The combination of the two for my blocks changed everything.
I'm seeing a delicacy showing up that I knew was there, but couldn't get.
These now are unmistakeably WOOD prints....and they are wonderful.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Landscape- woodprint

Once it's flattened, I'll get a better photo of it,
and the correct's about 26 or 27 inches wide.
I Live Here...