Thursday, October 17, 2013

Letterpress NOTEBOOKS!

I'm assembling the notebooks
inbetween my efforts to ready for the Fall Art Tour
which starts TOMORROW!.
The 3-4 weeks of nasty poison ivy set me WAY back.
BUT! I'm busy getting done what I wanted to get done,
and will be STILL getting things done, and demonstrating HOW 
all this weekend during the Fall Art Tour...
the notebooks, the linoleum block carving, the rocket rings,
the whiteline woodblock printmaking...
and then I discovered how to make those frames out of aluminum flashing,
and a little while ago I figured a great way to make card hangers of simple wire....

it doesn't stop

I can't help it

I art.

Thank-you! Flying Rabbit Press for helping me with the printing,
teaching me about presentation, and assembly, and simply taking care of me
because I tend to jump into projects without considering all the supporting factors.
Thank-you1 Mark of Spring Printing in Spring Green, Wisconsin 
for the stapler instructions
Thank-you! Mary D'Alton & Eric Ferguson of Convivio
for the encouragement to LetterPress.