Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Story

Oh, dear! It is Christmas Eve!
I've done NOTHING but draw for money$, which is good...
BUT, also good
was bringing the Rooster back from a hopeful adaption,
thinking he would have a better life elsewhere.

A high end coop with gorgeous chickens didn't interest him.
Nor did the company of alpacas at the far end of the field.

Two weeks...he made no friends,
refused to roost in the coop or trees.
Sooner or later he'd be eaten by coyotes who would find him sleeping alone in the fields.

I slipped his harness on, and we got into the car.

He let me know he was happy to be under my arm as we drove home...
he carefully preened the hair that stuck out my hat.

We'll share a pomegranate for Christmas.