Saturday, June 28, 2014

DogFish...whiteline woodprint

The beginning is the tricky part, 
finding what I cut...always a bit scary 
as I usually get going with the knife, 
cutting more and differently than I intended....
so there will be surprizes....
good surprizes, bad surprizes, 
and always at least one "what was I thinking".
It's a new block, larger block, and of poplar, a wood I've not used before.
It's done.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Linda Kelen Teaching at Peninsula School of Art

I've got so much going on,
I forgot to post about the WhiteLine Woodblock Printmaking Class I'm teaching this summer!

These are WhiteLine Woodblock prints:

The one thing I just love about whiteline prints is that no two can be exactly the same.
I'm going to try to be armed with multiple prints from a few select blocks. 
Print #2 of Mill Creek at Coon Rock Road is about done now. 
Paper is too wet for me to continue, 
so I snapped the photo with my cell phone to show you.

Here's Print #2 of Mill Creek at Coon Rock Road, 
fresh off the block.

(I'll do my homework here, and get more of these prints up for you.
Can't believe I've not posted more of them!)

 This is the third print from this block
and there will be two more, one of which is already sold.

 It's done, but I like to remove prints from their blocks 
first thing in the mornings.
I started a blog about this, 
specifically to post the prints,
but somehow got teetered off into printing, painting, or whatever else it is that demands my attention.
(I'll make a point of loading the site with more up to date work)
I've been posting some in one of my FaceBook albums, which you can visit in the mean time.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Linda Kelen's Art Thrills Thousands!

The Career of my Paddlefish is still going strong.

FLOW's FLO in FOOLS FLOTILLA!  Sunday, 6/8/14

FLOW Header


Sunday, 6/8/14

Details here:

Bring your kids, grand kids, neighbor kids, whatever, to ride on and climb on good 'ol Flo.
She may have lost some of her youthful Hollywood movie star looks, but she still loves kids.

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Here's where you can see how the PaddleFish grew.