Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Creative Cartography

So, sometimes one must get creative with what one does with their abilities.
The News-Sickle-Arrow  Editor, Erin Vander Weele, wrote a good article to accompany the front page map.
A work in progress, the Black Earth Creek wasn't yet blue.
On May 21st, a full page of map was published
in the Summer Times pullout section
of the Isthmus. Wisconsin's alternative newspaper.
55,000 of them!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Trout Days

I've lots of chased/repoussed copper and sterling fish. 
Trout and otherwise that I have been meaning to complete.
This year I got sidetracked by a road construction map.
I did, however, experiment with the dullest of the fish.
Now, Mary of Crossroads Coffeehouse will be
appropriately adorned for Trout Days.
This, the third of the Aluminum cuff Bracelets,
may also be part of the Trout Days Adornments.