Friday, April 28, 2017

An all day show and tell in Milwaukee.

I'll be showing and telling from noon until 7PM
on May 13th at the opening of the new unique, JewelersGuild.
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 Yes, these are light switch covers.
 I decided to doctor them up.

 The above is a portrait of my shop, 
with a couple of the nighttime visitors.


 Copper, sterling, cold connection
 Personal protectors, in progress.
The BurgerGuy was just completed.

The trout is just nice.

I'll be showing and telling from noon until 7PM in Milwaukee
on May 13th at the opening of the new unique, JewelersGuild,

Please come on by to see what we have been doing for the last 9 MONTHS  !
Robert Devoe Peter
2408 E. St. Francis Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53235
Office 414-488-2727

Jewelry Lovers Paradise opens in St. Francis! 

For immediate release:
April 20, 2017
St. Francis ,WI
Jewelry Lovers Paradise opens in St. Francis! On the south end of Bay View, lies the Jewelers Guild LLC.
The Jewelers Guild is the most unique jewelry business of its kind anywhere!
For the jewelry obsessed, imagine an enterprise that features a retail jewelry store, a state of the art jeweler’s workshop, and a jewelry classroom with classes available for all skill levels and ages. The Jewelers Guild provides the ability for people to learn, create and sell - all under one roof.
The Jewelers Guild offers the community all the typical services of a traditional jewelry store: appraisals, repairs, stringing, creating unique one of a kind and custom jewelry and of course, custom designs. Look through the glass to see the fascinating view of a jewelers’ workshop, where you can see the pieces created and made. Open yourself to the world of gems and jewelry at the Jewelers Guild.
The Jewelers Guild is a studio style workshop that encompasses all types and styles of metalsmithing, including goldsmiths and silversmiths. Made and designed by jewelers for jewelers, Jewelers Guild LLC has been created for access and success. Not only do we offer state of the art tools and equipment, but access and opportunities for selling and teaching, surpassing your expectations. A jeweler’s growth can be held up by lack of access; faced with a needed tool that was out of their grasp, the tool that would make their next step, a device to make their next jewelry creation come alive. We like to think we have left nothing out in terms of offering tools and equipment which are far beyond the basics. More than user friendly, as any jeweler knows, “You can’t create great jewelry without the right equipment!” Working together with likeminded artists and craftsmen, the Jewelers Guild studio and workshop provides a cooperative dynamic that is both unique and exciting.
Explore the Jewelers Guild’s unique shop. By carving a retail space in the same building as our studio, our goal is to personally connect to our customers. Our retail space gives you access to a myriad of jewelry designs created under the same roof. Stop in and see an exciting array of styles reflective of each of our makers.
Join in our exciting workshops and classes. Fuel your passion for wearing and making jewelry. We offer a myriad of classes for all ages and abilities. Create a pair of earrings, forge a bracelet, or make your own wedding ring! Learn from Jewelers Guild & other innovative makers from across the country.
Opening early May
Contact: Robert Devoe

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