Sunday, November 28, 2010

Small Paintings

These two 6" square paintings, oil on linen, will be auctioned off sometime in January.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

SardineTin #9, #17, & #18

It's in the show! are SardineTins # 12, #13, #14, #16, #17, #18, #19, #23, #25, and # 26.
Yes, I've been really busy.
I did finally get back to the Anaba Tea Room/gallery
to photograph the latest sardine tins.
It wasn't the same as photographing them here, but I think they'll be ok.
The lighting is what was available in the gallery.....and I'm not really all that good at this part.
SardineTin #17

Monday, November 15, 2010

Linda Kelen's Solo Show

Linda Kelen's Solo Show, "Anything but Driftless".....
November 4 through January 2, 2011...
at the Anaba Tea Room
2107 E. Capitol Drive
Shorewood, Wisconsin  53211
(414) 963-9510
The woodblock prints of Booger's 40 Day and 40 Night disappearance are exhibited,
which are all true supposed events, worries and happenings...except those that are very real.
It's an eclectic sampling of my arting, including the newest SardineTins.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

SALVAGE ART Show & Auction, Oct 1st - 29th

the Small Dog of Power...print #1... in the show.
Image is 10.6" wide by 16" tall on 12.75" by 18.25"  Japanese Nishinouchi paper.
has been SOLD. 
It is printed from an old pine barn board that was of the recycled barn wood
used in the construction of this original house 90 years ago.
The house was lost in a fire.
This board, and whatever wasn't completely burned up,
was saved for possible second lives.
You can see the woodblock just to the left:
The Small Dog of Power  is framed in a 21" x 26" solid oak frame which also survived the fire........................................
although the Grant Wood print did not.
These are larger pictures than I'd normally post,
due to some of the interested may not be able to attend in person. 
If you've any questions, just ask.
The auction is now over.

Friday, July 23, 2010

woodblock printing update

I've been cutting the last major block for the "Strong, Brave, & Handsome" set...
and printing 6-7 prints from each of the blocks,
I'm readying for a solo show in Shorewood, Wisconsin.
I used to hate printing,
never able to get all that I believed I had cut into a block,
and eventually wrote myself off as just a crappy printer.
Barbara Mason, a solarplate wizard I met at a Japanese printing bootcamp some years back,
and a couple others on the Baren Forum,
suggested I try the Japanese Kitakata.
Alex Prentis, of iMcClains Printmaking Supplies, supported the Kitakata choice,
and suggested I try the Gamblin Relief ink.
The combination of the two for my blocks changed everything.
I'm seeing a delicacy showing up that I knew was there, but couldn't get.
These now are unmistakeably WOOD prints....and they are wonderful.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Landscape- woodprint

Once it's flattened, I'll get a better photo of it,
and the correct's about 26 or 27 inches wide.
I Live Here...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Framed White-Line Print

I'm back to making my own frames.
This is of Red Oak, which grows here in Southwest Wisconsin
measuring 11.75" wide, 15.75" high, and is .75" thick.
That's the second print off the Patron Saint of Shrews woodblock,
printed on handmade Japanese Gampi paper.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White-Line woodblock prints II

Needing a block of wood to begin cutting the next in the 40 Day and 40 Night series,
I took a break and printed these:


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

First white-line woodblock prints

Complications prevented me from taking the printing workshop with Paul Yank in Cedarburg,
so now's time to give white-line woodblock printing another go.

whiteline print, Pond, print 1 whiteline print, Pond, print 2
6"x11", cut into Shina Plywood, printed on Kizuki Hanga (left), Nishinouchi (right), with watercolors.

4.5"x7" the Patron Saint of Shrews
LEFT: Print #1, on Kizuki Hanga (sold) RIGHT: Print #2, on Gampi (showing at WomanMadeGallery, July 9-August 26, 2010)
This is the one I just completed. I have to photograph the print, scanning just isn't working.
At least you can see where it's going.
Electric Company, print #1....Printed on Kizuki Hanga paper.

SOUP is about the same size as the Patron SaintThis is print #1.

This is MeMe...2.25"x7" image on Gampi small experiment...needed to try something.7.5"x8.5" ..... Bird Dog...print#1

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Woodblock proof, work in progress

I am finally doing the last bit of cutting on this block.
I've cut more since this proof..................
I need to print again to see where I'm at.

The idea of having to clean up after proofing was too much for me yesterday...
so I slapped on the snow shoes and took off for the afternoon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Burger Guy-Somersault test

I'll probably eventually post this over at LindaKelen-Freelance...
I just got started here.
The computer and connection is SO slow, I didn't want to get involved in moving it now...
that will happen later...
so for all you art fans who never knew I freelanced...
now you know.

I've got to give big credit to Peter of Blogger Tips and Tricks
where I found the instructions for posting a gif animation.
burger,meat,somersault,hamburger,Linda Kelen

This BurgerGuy is one of my "crew" who I allowed to freelance for the Weber-Stephen Product know, Weber Grill?
I used to do the drawings for their Grill Out Times Newsletters for years..
point of purchase ads, product drawings...and even watercolors for their restaurant....
which I've got scans of somewhere...
AND instructions on Grill Cleaning...staring the BurgerGuy.
One day Weber decided to change direction and moved into high-tech/internet/digital photography...
but, they are happy..
and I am busy...
I definately miss it was so much fun.

I use Gif Construction Set.

Direct Link is:

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm visiting friends in Milwaukee...
met Deborah Kern, owner of the Garden Room + Anaba Tea Room...
in Shorewood Wisconsin....
where I will be having a show of my artings in September of this year....
(more about that later)....

I also met with Paul Yank
with whom I may be studying/working/learning about one whopper printing press this spring....
I've never seen a press this large in an artist studio...
(more about THIS later)......

I'm ALSO learning how to deal with a MacIntosh computer...
on a VERY snappy connection....
which makes me feel like I've temporarily left my cave....
I've updated...
FAST...OH, so fast...
my Freelance blog's posting
about the coffee labels I've drawn up for Convivio Coffee...
sold at a fine little shop in Spring Green Wisconsin.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I've been working on spoons for so long and so intensely..
I needed something different..
I'm working on aluminum plates. collagraph, artist proof...self-portrait
I miss drawing...and am doing something about it.
Collagraph, artist proof...Farm on Z
Collagraph, artist proof, hand colored...Boxing in Mineral Point
My sweet etching press<-that's my press.

Since I don't have a gallery where my artings can usually be found,
I've started an Etsy Shop....LindaKelenArtings...
so, little by little there will be more and more to see there also.