Tuesday, July 13, 2021

KELEN Wins Dubuque Museum of Art Juried Regional Biennial.... and here is some new work

 July 7 - 13....new works on paper.

(and "HELLO" to those visiting from 

the Dubuque Museum of Art Biennial links...

Here, after the first copied jpgs, is a variety of some other things I get into.


September 14, 2021:

I will begin alternating 
 three or four of the images 
 A broken knee introduced me
to a tropical jungle just outside my windows!
so these BrokeKneePortfolio images
 will appear on my F.A.T page,
as well as here, 
now and then.


 July 14-26....more works on paper

July 27 - August 8...a few more...
larger paper takes a bit more time.




These are my submitted works
responsible for 
the astonishing occurrence 
of my winning 1st Place.
#Dubuque Museum of Art Regional Biennial

swamp, 16" wide,x 21.5" tall,
hand printed on Gampi Paper 

I will post better photos of these four 
in their hand carved frames 
as soon as I get back out there
with tripod.


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